Brick Chimney Repair

Founded in 1989, Brownsville Brick Repair has built a rock solid reputation for professionalism, brick expertise, and customer service. We?ve done this one brick at a time, one customer at a time. Our passion for masonry repairs and restorations along with our commitment to providing exceptional service has served our company well.

Over the past two decades, our brick repair business has repaired hundreds of damaged and deteriorated brick projects throughout south Texas. During this time, we have come to appreciate the finer products that are able to withstand the elements.

Among the many brick projects we?ve worked on are:

  • Historic brick restorations
  • Toppled brick chimneys
  • Cracked bricks
  • Structural damage
  • Brick re-coloring
  • Brick point and tucking
  • Brick sealing
  • Crumbled brickwork
  • Stained bricks
  • Missing mortar
  • Missing bricks
  • Mismatched brick
  • Brick cleaning

Brownsville Brick Repair does more than simply come out and repair your bricks. We carefully analyze the cause of the damage. Sure, if a car ran into your house and damaged your bricks, the cause is obvious. However, what?s causing your chimney to lean precariously? What?s causing the bricks to separate from one another? Why is the mortar falling out in chunks?

Water and soil settling are two common causes for damaged bricks in Brownsville. If necessary, we can perform many of the repairs needed to address the cause of the damage.

Contact Us:Brownsville Brick Repair, 1108 East Elizabeth Street, Brownsville, Texas 78520, (956)-238-4703