Gray is certainly worth thinking about if you are ready to renovate your kitchen cabinets. It can totally change the feel and look of your kitchen, whether you opt to integrate the color in other design features or you choose for gray-painted cabinets. This is your chance to take on a modern style without worrying about the new look going beyond your comfort zone.  

The inherent flexibility of gray makes it best for modern kitchens. However, the almost limitless range of options can feel overwhelming. How can you potentially choose on 1 option with so many applications and shades? Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to incorporate gray in your kitchen and bar cabinets. 

Try a Standalone Feature 

Gray many not appear like your go-to color at first for building contrast. However, this is what the effect if obtains if integrated into kitchens dominated by bright colors. A solid block of gray in such surroundings can immediately transform into a focal point. This idea is best achieved with the help of a gray accent wall or island. This can keep color-heavy kitchens from feeling tasteless. 

You should think about integrating a standalone gray piece if your kitchen already mainly features a particular color but can use an upgrade. This enables you to experiment with a new style before making a huge commitment. This is your chance to be daring.  

Take a Dare with Dark Gray 

As of now, dark colors are getting more and more popular again. These colors have been less popular in previous years because of the dominance of white, which is preferred for its clean appearance and capability of brightening spaces. This does not mean that you should avoid dark hues. Dark tones can come across as elegant with a strategic concept.  

Though a lot of homeowners enjoy currently experimenting with black and navy blue, there is a lot to love about gray. It is the ideal choice for experimenting with the idea of a dark kitchen. 

The final look of the kitchen will vary on how you integrate dark gray. You can achieve a bit of moody but appealing look if the dark gray color dominates. On the other hand, the darkest shades of gray offer an excellent modern kitchen style. 

Look for ways to establish contrast into the kitchen. This will help you avoid being overwhelmed in your kitchen. You can obtain a unique appearance with ingenuity and a bit of effort.  

 Accent with Blue 

Think about choosing a shade that incorporates a minor touch of your preferred color if you like the idea of gray but are usually unwilling to adopt neutral-heavy styles. The color you’re going to choose is blue. The correct amount of blue can add instant visual appeal without compromising the appearance of gray. 

When using this method, you should always be wary. Shades that integrate blue often end up looking a bit like gray. However, if you hit the correct balance, you will have a kitchen style that is both timeless and contemporary.